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CSIRO Names New Chief

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CSIRO has announced the appointment of Dr Larry Marshall as its new Chief Executive.

“Dr Marshall has an impeccable record as a scientist, a technology innovator and business leader,” said the Chair of CSIRO’s Board, Simon McKeon. “His wealth of experience in developing and applying science and technology makes him an excellent fit.”

After completing a doctorate in physics, Marshall began his career in the Defence Science and Technology Organisation. He has 25 years experience as an international technology entrepreneur, holds 20 patents protecting commercial products and has founded six US companies in biotechnology, photonics, telecommunications and semiconductors.

He has served on 20 boards of high-tech companies operating in the US, Australia and China. A CSIRO statement listed nine current board appointments and roles as Chairman or co-Chairman of six others.

Marshall is currently Managing Director of venture capital firm Southern Cross Venture Partners, and will commence his role at CSIRO in January 2015.

The full text of this article can be purchased from Informit.