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“Dr Who” Products Are the Future of Manufacturing

By Calum Drummond

Mass production is dying, opening up manufacturing opportunities for a high-tech bespoke industry.

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Despite the impression that may be gained from general media coverage, Australia’s manufacturing industry remains an extremely important element of the economy, employing around one million people, contributing more than 8% of GDP directly and enabling at least another 15% of services-based GDP indirectly as well as close to 30% of Australia’s exports.

Manufacturing conducts one-quarter of all business R&D and 15% of Australia’s total R&D. Manufacturing therefore contributes a large slice of the nation’s research and innovation capacity.

Manufacturing matters to Australia. Without a strong manufacturing capability Australia would be in a position of comparative disadvantage globally. Our economy would be less diversified and more at risk to global economic perturbations.

As is often highlighted by the media, Australian manufacturing is currently facing challenges. What is not often highlighted is that Australian manufacturing is currently also facing major opportunities.

For example, we have been very fortunate that the Australian automotive industry has driven the development of sophisticated industrial design and advanced engineering capabilities within Australia. With the current restructuring of the Australian automotive manufacturing sector we have the opportunity to fabricate a differently balanced advanced manufacturing future...

The full text of this article can be purchased from Informit.