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New Climate Change Projections for Australia

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CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology have released climate change projections for Australia drawn from simulations based on 40 global climate models. The projections confirm that most of the changes observed over recent decades will continue into the future.

“There is very high confidence that hot days will become more frequent and hotter”, said CSIRO principal research scientist Kevin Hennessy. “We also have very high confidence that sea levels will rise, oceans will become more acidic, and snow depths will decline.

“We expect that extreme rainfall events across the nation are likely to become more intense, even where annual average rainfall is projected to decline.” In southern mainland Australia, winter and spring rainfall is projected to decrease, but increases are expected for Tasmania in winter.

For the rest of Australia, naturally occurring fluctuations in rainfall patterns will dominate over trends due to climate change until 2030, after which the trends associated with climate change will begin to emerge. By 2090, winter rainfall is expected to decrease in eastern Australia.

Southern and eastern Australia are projected to experience harsher fire weather, while tropical cyclones may occur less often but become more intense.

Observed climate information indicates that Australia’s average surface air temperature has increased by 0.9°...

The full text of this article can be purchased from Informit.