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It Can’t Hurt You: It’s Natural

By Peter Bowditch

The company that marketed a raw milk product that killed a child should not be allowed to use product-labelling loopholes to escape justice.

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Imagine that you sold a product that caused the death of a child. What would your reaction be? Would it be to apologise, withdraw the product from the shops and promise to try to do better in future, or would your response be that the product is perfectly safe and had a label on it that said “Not for human consumption” so it was obviously never intended to be drunk? Would you package it so that it appeared to be identical to a safe product and encourage retailers to place it on shelves next to the safe product?

In December 2014 a child died in Victoria after drinking raw milk, and several other children were made sick by drinking the same product. The milk was packaged in 2 Litre containers, just like pasteurised milk is, but was labelled “bath milk” and promoted for cosmetic use. The dairy farm that produced it denied all responsibility and has continued to claim that it was obvious that the milk was intended for washing in, not for drinking. The health food shops that sold it have been silent. Supporters of pseudoscience have been carrying on about the healthy aspects of raw milk and how pasteurisation affects the nutritional quality of milk.

Have I mentioned that raw milk killed a child?

There are good reasons why raw milk cannot be sold to the public, but the scoundrels who produce, package, distribute and sell this stuff had managed to get good...

The full text of this article can be purchased from Informit.